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--What is Lapeer Compliance Center?

We are a locally owned NON-PROFIT organization that performs alcohol/drug testing services and portable alcohol monitoring services at an affordable price. Fingerprinting for background checks is another service we  provide. We want to help our clients be compliant with DOT (Department of Transportation), HPRP (Health Professional Recovery Program), employers, school, college, parole, probation, and/or trust building in families/relationships.

We are providing peer support, addiction/recovery education, rehab resources, 12 step meeting resources, and other resources for those dealing with addiction and/or recovery.

-- Why choose Lapeer Compliance Center 

Mostly because we care. Our staff have had some of the same life experiences as the people we serve.

Our office is in a great location, with a pleasant atmosphere.  Our hours are accessible to the majority of the clients we serve; we are open Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm; weekends by appointment. We also have an on-call number/after-hours number to meet the needs of our partners for after hour services.  

-- Are you accredited?

We are licensed by the State of Michigan as a Substance Abuse Program. Specifically designated as a Prevention- CAIT (Community Change, Alternatives, Information, and Training).

Our on-site Quickscreen testing is performed with USA made reagents that are 99% accurate. They are FDA approved and CLIA waived.

Lab specimens that are collected on site are sent out to our partner labs for testing, and comply with the proper Chain of Custody (COC) and CCF (Chain of Command Form) protocol. The validity of the test is further confirmed by being adulterant tested. A positive specimen is confirmed using GC/MS & LC/MS/MS to provide the most definitive and accurate results.

--What are "monitoring services"?

We provide one type of monitoring.

LifeSafer is a portable alcohol monitoring device. These units combine "mobility and photo-capture technology, allowing unit users to easily complete alcohol testing at home, work or when traveling; while providing real-time, evidentiary quality reporting from NHTSA standard technology, assuring effective client supervision."

--Other questions?

Please feel free to e-mail questions or comments to: or call us at (810) 969-4360

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