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Alcohol and Drug Screening/Testing

DOT, HPRP, Court Ordered Testing, Pre-employment testing, College/School Testing/Personal testing
 We offer Alcohol and drug screening/testing, that is compassionate, professional, and extremely affordable; we use testing approved by DHHS, SAMHSA, and U.S. DOT.
Some of our services:
  • Breath Alcohol Screen (PBT)- DOT approved

  •  6, 10, and 12 PANEL UDS- Sent out to approved lab for confirmation/testing (6 panel is DOT approved and 12 panel meets requirements for drivers license restoration)

  • 6 PANEL ORAL FLUID- Sent out to approved lab for confirmation/testing

  • 6 and 10 PANEL UDS/QUICKSCREEN- CLIA waived instant results

  • 6 PANEL ORAL FLUID QUICKSCREEN- CLIA waived instant results

  • QUICKSCREEN UDS for Alcohol (EtG) and for Nicotine- CLIA waived instant results

  • Blood draws, Hair collection, Nail collection




Portable Alcohol Monitors

By LifeSafer


  • Affordable

  • Personal Use (Building Trust)

  • Court ordered

  • Documentation for Driver's License Restoration

  • The Justice Speaks Institute compared the LifeSafer PAM to other alcohol testing technologies and suggests it "should be considered the best option for alcohol testing technology by courts supervising individuals with probationary conditions that forbid the use of alcohol." 

Location Monitoring

- The best in the business

Omnilink 500 ankle location monitor

  • Affordable

  • Criminal and Family Court Ordered

  • Juvenile Location Monitoring

    The Omnilink 500 is "a versatile, one-piece, electronic monitoring ankle bracelet using GPS/cellular based, 2-way communication capabilities. The OM500 was designed to track- and communicate with- all types of offenders, 24/7, indoors and out."

    -We are available 24/7, if needed, to set up a client with a LifeSafer       Portable Alcohol Monitor and/or an Omnilink 500 location monitor.



Our Health Educator has 12+ years experience in recovery; Over 30 years as a healthcare professional including teaching at the university level

  • Offering off-site classes at your facility- tailored to your specific needs

    • Courts

    • College/Universities​

    • High Schools

    • Jails

    • Other groups/organizations

  • Offering classes at our office for groups of 10-12 or less

    Topics include, but are not limited to:

    - Impact Curriculum Classes
    - Adolescent Substance Use
    - "For families of addicts"
    - "In the mind of an addict"
    - Physiological effects of addiction

    Teaching from evidence based information and the real life experiences of our educator a
    nd other speakers.

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Kristen Goetzinger-Shorland

Our owner has over 30 years experience as a healthcare professional and educator, as well as over 12 years experience in recovery.

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